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Dot com just got its heavy dose of red chilli and haldi with the spanking entry of Breaking Samachar.
It has more flavour than Bhel Puri, more spice than a thousand red chillies and more entertaining than Virat Kohli dancing with Anushka sharma.
We are like your buddy who will fill you up with the tastiest of gossip, wackiest of advices and crazy events that will make u jump off your seat. All of this and tons of other cool stuff in one ultra-cool website!
We are not here to serve you the gloomy, sophisticated or the largely opinionated news. Let the mainstream media get the credit for bringing the more-than-necessary-seriousness into your lives. We are here to introduce you to, the light heartedness, the simplicity, the weirdness, the outrageous, the offbeat and sometimes, an outrightly bizarre world. Let news around you, bring smiles on your face.
Witness the most tastiest of gossip which leaves u hungry for moreā€¦

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